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Garnet is the Birth stone of the month of  January. Garnet has a wide variety and the basic chemical components are calcium and  
Aluminium and the presence of other elements cause different color tones. Garnets are present in magmatic and  metamorphic rocks in the earth's crest.

Almandine is an iron alumina garnet. It is known for its deep red tones with slight purple hues too. They are widely available in Srilanka.

Pyrope is iron and chromium rich variety with  deep red hue like Ruby. In greek it means fire or eye.

Mozambique garnet is a combination of Pyrope and almandine. It is originated from east Africa in Mozambique, hence the name. The colors are similar to rhodolite but tones are deeper.

Malaya/Malaia was discovered in Tanzania, near  Umba Valley. It has Vivid Hue with color ranges like red-orange, pink-orange, and Brownish red hues.

Grossular is a Calcium- aluminium rich mineral. It is available is yellows and yellowish -green colors.

Mali garnet is a combination of Andradite Grossular. It is also called as  
Grandite. Mali garnet was discovered in  the Sandaré Mine in Mali’s Kayes region. The